Dementia: Memories Are Not Linear

One of my reasons for blogging is that through sharing my experiences I might get a better understanding of Maureen’s presentation.  In my blog yesterday I tentatively suggested that Maureen had been ‘hallucinating’ about wild animals and her mother being unwell.  That led to Susan Macaulay commenting and sharing her video that we need to look at memories in an entirely different way:

I find Susan’s ball of yarn model very helpful: memories are far from linear when you have dementia.  It might well be risky to use words like hallucinations as I’m sure there is a tablet for it.  Why on earth would we want to give anyone with dementia medication that destroys even more of their memory?

Some really good news: we had a  new carer yesterday and she was excellent.  I will contact our Agency tomorrow and thank them for sending yet another great carer.  Now I’ve seen her in action I will make it to the Leisure Centre this morning.  I need to get down to some serious training as I’m now pushing 14 stone.  It must be contented living that has led to me putting on three stone since I ran off to live with Maureen!


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