Dementia: What A Disgrace


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The National Audit Office Report on the state of adult social care is 55 pages long.  It tells us nothing new.  Anyone working in the sector or in receipt of care could have confirmed the damning conclusions quoted below:

‘The one and a half million people working in adult social care in England provide essential support to adults with care needs, yet the care sector is undervalued and its workers poorly rewarded. Providers are having increasing difficulty recruiting and retaining workers, and the number of individuals with some level of unmet care needs is increasing. Despite these highly visible challenges, the Department does not have a current workforce strategy and key commitments it has made to both enhance training and career development and tackle recruitment and retention challenges have not been followed through. There is no evidence that the Department is exercising oversight over
local authorities and local health and care partnerships for their responsibilities relating to the adult social care workforce. As a result, the actions taken by the Department in its oversight role have not demonstrably improved the sustainability of the workforce and so have not achieved value for money. The Department needs to address this
challenge urgently and give the care workforce the attention it requires so that the sector has the right people to provide consistently safe and high-quality care.’



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  1. Hi paul On Saturday Live R4 at c920 this morning there was Evelyn glennie talking abt music and dementia. T

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