Dementia: Is The Real Problem The Act?

Image result for The Law is an Ass Cartoon

The case for a review of the Mental Capacity Act has been made and accepted.  Unfortunately, Brexit has meant that it is not a priority at the moment.  However, I would humbly suggest that in this area common sense has gone out of the window and the MCA is being misused.

I’m very concerned about the way the MCA has been applied to us:

  • Meetings have not been recorded accurately.
  •  Professional staff who know Maureen have been excluded from meetings.
  • Meetings have been called when telephone conversations would have sufficed.
  • The Application to deprive Maureen of her liberty is appalling.

From our experience, it  is time for the Local Authority and NAViGO to review their guidelines to employees on the application of the MCA!

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