Dementia: Thank God It’s Friday

Image result for Thank Goodness Its Friday Picture

Our Little Diamond is back this morning: fondly known as the ‘Pocket Rocket’ by her Agency.  It is a relief to know that she is also on duty over the weekend.  We haven’t seen her since Monday and her colleagues have struggled with Maureen.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Maureen looking dishy after I’ve been out shopping this morning.  Our LD can generally ease her into the shower and help her to wash her hair.  I have seen how easily she gets Maureen to take her medication.  In the last three days, her colleagues have failed to get her to down her tablets!

My scheduled six-hour break didn’t happen yesterday: Girl Thursday wasn’t comfortable to be here for such a stint.  Unfortunately, she had not informed the Agency so I had to get back here  as soon as I could.

Maureen’s presentation can be very challenging and carers need to be cute to engage her in activities that will help her to retain her functional and cognitive capacity.  This is an issue I will need to talk over with our Key Worker.

Additional carer sits have now been agreed; to give me a weekly six-hour break one day a week and to allow me to attend Buddhist Meditation Classes on Wednesday evenings.  It will be frustrating if this means that Maureen continues to go to sleep when certain carers are here and then stays awake half the night!

It would be inappropriate to discuss any further the concerns I raised yesterday regarding the Local Authorities DOLs Application.   I have been advised to make a Formal Complaint about this matter

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