Dementia: Music Not Medication!

I had to resort to an early morning session of YouTube this morning when Maureen was beside herself with fear.  I chose the music carefully and only put on our beloved Songbird Granddaughter once Maureen had downed copious amounts of tea.  From what I have just heard the immediate fears of the morning are over: Maureen has found her way to the bathroom and can remember what to do again!

I’m going to be opportunistic this morning as I try to help Maureen rebuild her self-belief.  I have asked her to accompany me to my physiotherapy appointment. This will give me an opportunity to coax her into her nurturing mode and nag me to do the prescribed exercises to regain flexibility in my legs and shoulders.

Maureen and I rarely see medication as the solution to our aging bodies and tired minds.  Music continues to play an important part in our lives:  if I could coax her into calling in to see our dancing friends at the Church Hall on our way home I would really be cooking on gas this morning!

Updaate at 7.20am:  Taking Maureen to the Church  Hall is far too risky.  I often believe that others are overstimulating her and was about to stray down the same path.  Why would anyone in their right mind take her into two situations that have the capacity to distress her in one morning?


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