Dementia: The Water Is Wide

The above song fills me with optimism.  I heard it for the first time during the Concert For World Peace during my last night at Madhyamaka.  It brought tears to my eyes as it reminded me of one of Maureen’s favourites:

The exciting thing is that Maureen is singing along to The Water is Wide as if she has known it all her life.  I don’t think she had ever heard the song before I began playing it on YouTube following her return from Alderlea Care Home.  There have been several other positive developments following her homecoming: yesterday was astounding as Girl Wednesday put in an excellent shift.

Maureen often plays up when Girl Wednesday is here.  Yesterday I feared the worst when Maureen took to the sofa almost GW greeted opened the door.  I expected to return home to the sound of GW coughing as Maureen remained asleep.  To my amazement, they were laughing as I opened the door and Maureen looked a treat: hair washed and clothing changed.  Then it got even better when I heard that Maureen had helped to prepare the vegetables for our lunch.  GW is a very experienced carer and said to me quietly before she left: ‘she’ll probably let me have it tomorrow.’  It will be interesting to see if GW can entice Maureen into helping her change and washing our bedding this morning.


I have already had a chat about a little project that Maureen seems interested in helping me with today.  She seems excited about renovating the bird tables that her sons have bought for us.  Both are in need of repair and I have suggested that she can be the Architect helping to design the necessary renovations while I take on the rebuilding work.  This small project opens all sorts of doors for cognitive stimulation and memories about small grandchildren excited about the prospect of feeding their Nana’s blackbird.

It is worth noting that GW and I are doing our best to stimulate someone who woke up this morning feeling it was too cold to walk to school this morning and wondering what the teachers would do if she didn’t attend.  Shortly afterward, she went to the bathroom forgot where she had been sleeping and made her way downstairs to lay on the sofa.  When I made my way downstairs to encourage her to come back to bed she was convinced she had spent all night downstairs.

No prizes for guessing which silver-haired Country Singer will greet Maureen this morning.  I think I will follow up our singing with French Lessons on YouTube again today.  We’re making do with YouTube as the Echo Dot is out of stock in Cleethorpes at the moment. Despite my fellow blogger George Rook singing the praises of  Alexa, I’m not sure how Maureen would take to another woman in the household!


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