Dementia: From Despair To Hysteria


Hysteria word cloud concept. Vector illustration on white

I am wondering what to expect next from Maureen after a very troubled night.  Her early concerns were about missing babies, followed by fears of a dangerous intruder lurking in the house.  I found it difficult to get back to sleep after being woken twice before midnight and foolishly decided to get out of bed and go downstairs – I soon paid for this error of judgment.

No sooner had I gone downstairs than Maureen joined me.  She was preoccupied with her poor memory.  She spent a couple of hours trying to make sense of things.  Despite my attempts to shift her focus, she went over the same ground time after time.  ‘How had we got here, where did all the furniture come from and why couldn’t she remember anything about buying our current house?’ Several cups of tea and the occasional number on YouTube eventually helped her to get back to sleep.

When I returned for my morning shower Maureen was in tears because ‘no one would tell her what to do or where to go’.  Eventually, I discovered that she thought she needed to climb a mountain.  Once I encouraged her to lie down on the sofa she was in fits of hysterical laughter about her dilemma.  This went on for quite some time before she dropped off to sleep again.

Yesterday I regretted that I had cancelled ourLittle Gem’.  I naively thought that because it was Christmas we could do without carers for a couple of days: I’m now well aware that dementia never takes a day off!

Updated at 9.30 am:   It’s a beautiful day in Cleethorpes and getting outside in the sunshine is an attractive proposition.  My problem is how to get Maureen out of her Bat Woman attire before we venture out without causing distress.  I know she has done her best to change her pants but there is no way I can let her wear them on top of her joggers in public!



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