Dementia: Let’s Stop Elder Abuse!

 Stop Elderly Abuse.. Stop Abuse Period! This includes financially misusing their $ as well for your own profit or gain !!!
The following is an extract from today’s copied with the permission of the Editor Roy Lilley:
‘I can’t imagine older people putting-up with the way we treat them, for another year.  What other patients would accept being abandoned, dumped, marooned, shoved out, trapped and stuck in a revolving door?
Forget kindness or compassion.  Think about giving the supermarket your money, up-front, popping in for bread and bog-rolls, only to be told… there isn’t any.  It’s a rip-off.
Fees are a rip-off, inspection should ripped-up and looking at the quality of some homes; the owners ripped into.
Think about a lifetime of work, paying into the system, then being told; you’re a bed-blocker, a drain on the system, the cause of the problems, no room for you.   But, if and when there is; we’ll grab what few quid you have left… make you pay twice.
The organisations ‘representing’ older people should hang their heads in shame.
There’s an ugly cult of slyly and sneakily blaming older people for what is essentially our our failure to notice their presence in the system…  entirely predictable.  We have had a generation to prepare, save up and get ready.
The way we treat our seniors is disgusting.  I predict a backlash.  The Boomers, articulate and net-savy will not put up with what my mother’s generation endured.  Super-agers will be a super-handful.
There’s a discrimination that care services would not get away with, with any other patient group.  I predict, this year, ageism will become as unacceptable as sexism.  A new organisation, with real clout, will emerge to change the face of eldercare’.

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