Dementia: ‘Put On Your Seat Belts You’re In For A Bumpy Ride’

Today’s teaching is from Gen Togden the Resident Teacher at Madhyamaka Buddhist Centre:

His teachings are amazing and have inspired me at a very challenging time in my life.

My good friend Kelsang Dorde has had a similar impact on my well being.

Image result for Kelsang Dorde Picture

Anyone who opens a meditation session with: ‘put on your seat belts you’re in for a bumpy ride’ has clearly understood life when a loved one has dementia.

My time here is drawing to a close.  I couldn’t have been at a better place to calm my mind at one of the most challenging times in my life.

I am also grateful to so many people who have supported me during my struggles as I have reluctantly accepted that I can no longer provide the level of care that my dear wife deserves. In particular, Leah Bisiani who has provided exceptional support as I have walked down this tortuous path::

Image result for leah bisiani picture

I’m sure my mum would want to say ‘thanks, duck for supporting that lad of mine’.


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