Dementia: Tired Of Waiting

The Kinks sum up my feelings this week:

On some days I can do nothing other than wait for Maureen’s reality to change.  Last night was a prime example.  When she woke after dozing on the sofa; concerned that she needed a clean pair of nickers she accused me of stealing her underwear.  When I showed her where she kept her knickers she said she didn’t want them at that moment.  Then she got into bed and told me I wasn’t allowed in the same room as her.  Four hours later I’m dealing with an entirely different reality.

Maureen called out Paul and woke me from sweet dreams at 4 ‘o’clock this morning.  She then joined me in the spare bedroom saying it was cold and we wouldn’t come here again.  Within a few minutes, she was fast asleep beside me in bed leaving me to ponder over what had been going on.  A short while later she shouted me as I boiled the kettle for the first cuppa of the day, asking me where her mum had gone.

There is a simple explanation for all of the above IMHO: Maureen is time travelling. She is going back to the time when she lived with her parents.  She slept in the same bed as her mum.  Her dad wasn’t allowed in the same room as his wife because she was afraid she would be harmed if he had an epileptic fit in the night.

I’m never concerned when Maureen thinks I’m her dad.  He sounds a wonderful man.  Unfortunately, he had passed before we met but I know I would have got on with ‘Union Jack’, as he was fondly known as a house on fire.  We were both Union Men:

As I type Maureen has joined me in the office worrying that her mum is cold.  I have encouraged her to move into the marital bedroom and found an additional blanket for her mum.  She is shouting me now: ‘dad where have you gone?’

NB:  Both of Maureen’s parents passed a few years before we met.  She has just encouraged me to join them in bed.  Perhaps, something she always wanted to see – her mum and dad together in the same bed.

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