Dementia: Time For Tweaking and Sleeping


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We are now halfway through the cycle agreed at the Best Interest Meeting.  Two weeks today Maureen will go into Alderlea Care Home for a week.

Maureen’s Care Coordinator is due this morning and this will be an opportunity to discuss how things are going.  Tomorrow our Key Worker and I are meeting our Care Agencies to review progress.

Our carers; the girls’ as Maureen calls them have been remarkable in the skill and compassion they have shown in helping Maureen to settle at home.  They have worked tirelessly to involve her in domestic duties despite her claims that she is entitled to be a Lady of Leisure.  In her view, such things as general household duties including the preparation of food are my job ‘as I don’t do anything else for her’.

Although I will have a week off in a fortnight, the current arrangements are no longer adequate.  I have already clarified that one of our carers is available for an additional three-hour shift a week.  This will mean that I can have six hours to myself on alternate Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s.  Such an arrangement is a phone call away.

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Paul McKenna could help me to solve my sleep deficit.  When Maureen wakes distressed in the night I’m finding it increasingly difficult to get back to sleep.  I’m hoping I can find my ‘Sleep Like A Log’ CD as McKenna has helped me to count myself back to sleep at previous difficult moments in my life.


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