How often should I visit?

As I posted yesterday our newly built ensuite Sun Room is now open for family members and friends to stay overnight. This post from Kay Bransford discusses the issue of frequency of visits.

Dealing with Dementia

kayandkittyxmas2014For those who have a loved one in an assisted living or memory care community, this question lurks in the back of all of our minds. There is no right answer, only the answer that is right for you.

I recall several times having voice mail waiting for me asking “When are you coming to visit?” In many cases, the calls came within 20 or 30 minutes AFTER my visit. Why am I visiting when my mom doesn’t even remember it?

I came to realize that I needed to recognize my visits were for me. What was the right balance to not only be her advocate and make sure she was getting the right care, but also ensured that I was also present for my own family. The weekly number of visits fluctuated over the last few years of mom’s life. I always struggled to know what was the right…

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