Dementia: Reality Check

Image result for A Reality Check Dementia PictureOn Saturday morning I received a copy of the assessments that had taken place to determine Maureen’s mental capacity.  These documents make sobering reading.   They are a stark reminder that Maureen no longer has any concept of person, place or time.  They also point out her high level of need.

The assessment was required to as part of a  DoLS Application.  Within the documentation, there are several references to the need for a robust Care Package before Maureen is discharged from Konar.  At a time when additional carer support is needed, there is nothing in place.

Yesterday, Maureen’s initial pleasure at seeing me soon declined.  She said once again that she was only being detained on Konar ‘because of the lies I had told, as I wanted to get rid of her’.  She declined to have Sunday Lunch with me as ‘ it was too early and you shouldn’t eat at your place of work’.  She then retired to the patient’s lounge choosing to ignore me for the remainder of my visit.

I was pleased to hear from a member of staff on Konar that Maureen is still their patient.  It would be irresponsible to attempt to bring her home her home until a robust Care Package is in place.


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