Dementia: I Need ‘A Fiver Deal’

Image result for A Fiver Deal PictureWhen I was Supply Teaching in this area I heard from secondary school pupils how easy it was to get ‘a fiver deal’.  I got to know the names of local drug dealers and their patches. I know where to get my own fix this morning to help me cope with the events of yesterday.

Maureen continues to languish in the Konar Suite.  She is not ‘settled’ there – she is frightened – and can’t understand why she can’t come home.

On Monday I spent several hours trying to speed up her discharge.  our concerns were seen as valid and reasonable. Consequently, the meeting was brought forward until today.  My mobile rang early yesterday morning with the news that the meeting could not take place until Friday.

I need something to take my mind of how the interpretation of the Mental Capacity Act mitigates against person-centered care.  As I posted yesterday we are dealing with a machine driven by a tick box culture.

My fiver deal this morning will be my monthly trim, carried out by Polly, who shares my surname. She will use number 6 and  4 clippers – she knows what I want.

Polly is struggling to sleep at the moment. She is worried she will forget her steps when she performs a waltz for the first time at a charity event on Saturday evening.  Polly will always get TEN from me as she knows how to be person-centered.

My fiver deal with Polly includes a £1 tip!

No prizes for guessing where Maureen slept last night.  A member of staff has just confirmed that ‘she slept with us in the lounge’: she is so ‘settled’ in the Konar Suite that she is afraid to sleep alone in her room!


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