Dementia: Dealing With The Machine

A family member reminded me yesterday that ‘we are dealing with the machine’.  The driver of the machine is the Mental Capacity Act.  It leads to a tick box culture that has little to do with person-centered care.

Maureen remains in an Acute Mental Health Unit.  She said to me yesterday that ‘she has done nothing wrong and should be allowed to go home’.  My efforts to speed up her departure have resulted in the Best Interest Meeting being brought forward to tomorrow.

I appreciate that professional staff are doing their best to ensure that Maureen’s future care and accommodation is appropriate.  My mission yesterday was to speed up the process as Maureen remains extremely frightened by her environment: that is not in anyone’s Best Interest.


I have just spoken to a staff member on Konar.  Maureen is asleep in the lounge in an armchair.  She continues to be reluctant to sleep alone in a strange room.  Her history of domestic violence continues to be fundamental in her presentation.

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