Dementia: No Medication Needed

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Maureen’s period of assessment has now been completed.  Her Consultant has concluded that no medication is needed at the moment and her fluctuating presentation is to be expected.  The Best Interest meeting that is scheduled for next Friday will determine her future care and accommodation.

It would be pointless to harp on about the delays and duplication under the Mental Capacity Act that will delay Maureen’s departure from in the Konar Suite.  I made the point yesterday that this is another example of the law becoming an ass.

I could waste a lot of energy attempting to speed up Maureen’s homecoming but it would be exhausting.  Following advice from a number of quarters, I am going to use the next ten days or so as a Respite Break.  This will set the scene for how I intend to prevent Carer Breakdown in the future.

I have already made it clear to Social Services that I will be taking regular Respite Breaks.  From now on my shift pattern will be four weeks on, one week off.  With the proviso that two weeks off may be necessary on occasions.   I have already discussed the viability of these arrangements with Alderlea Care Home.  We have talked about how this might pan out, along with Maureen attending for Day Care on Monday’s.

Sincere thanks to two of my cyber friends: Leah Bisiani

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and Tracey Maxfield 

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for their patience in helping me to see that an exhausted Care Partner is on a very dangerous path indeed!

4 thoughts on “Dementia: No Medication Needed

  1. So good you have such supportive online friends. Many carers become very isolated so networking with others is a similar situation is important.

    With YouTube videos, I download so can play them anywhere, anytime without needing to be online.

    I am watching a series many may be interested in dealing with alternatives to medication. Episode 1 is today.

    just remember if you don’t take care of yourself first you will be unable to care for Maureen.


    1. Your last sentence has taken a while to sink in. I was more than a little surprised at the reaction from them yesterday when I told them the bottom line from now on was four weeks on, one week off. Thanks for the reference.


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