Dementia: We Have It All

Maureen’s reality was palpable yesterday.  Even one of my One Pot Specials made little impact on being surrounded by Chinese people who have taken over her life.  She can’t understand most of them; as they shout out their instructions to her.  None of them are friendly and she doesn’t understand why they don’t go back to their own country to find work.

I decided to flag up Maureen’s reality to a member of staff.  This also gave me an opportunity to clarify the nature of today’s meeting and what might lay ahead.  When I returned to Maureen she was listening to Cat Woman, as we later christened her, wax lyrical about her pet.  This gave me an opportunity for distraction as we both laughed about some people thinking their pets loved them.  It also gave me an opportunity to tell Maureen how she is the most important person in my life despite my pleasure from watching wild animals in our garden.

Unfortunately, the wifi signal is poor in Konar.  That means we are not able to indulge in one of our daily pleasures.  When I got home I  put Wille and Keith on YouTube to remind myself how fortunate I am – we still have it all!

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