Dementia: Sprouts and Parsnips Pay Dividends


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With the approval of staff on the Konar Suite, I decided to take ‘Sunday Lunch’ in for Maureen yesterday.  The look on her face when she saw sprouts and roast parsnips on her plate was a delight.  She thoroughly enjoyed her meal and dipped into the in-house menu for her sweet.  It didn’t matter that she wasn’t totally sure who I was because I had served up one of her favourite meals.

I’m going to take in another one of Maureen’s favourites today – a One Pot Special.  Sprouts will again be in the mix, as that wife of mine loves them.  I’m hoping that showing her that someone remembers her preferences will provide reassurance.

Steady progress is being made on the personal care front and Maureen is getting used to changing her clothes.  Staff on the Konar Suite have been really successful at easing her out of her old favourites into some newer gear.  It is lovely to see her in different outfits and further options will be in her wardrobe today.

I’m hoping that we will have another pre-lunch walk in the garden this morning.  Fresh air has always been nectar to Maureen!


One thought on “Dementia: Sprouts and Parsnips Pay Dividends

  1. Oh yum I love sprouts, that is one vegetable that I can eat and enjoy entirely on its own. Perhaps food – taste and smell, is a memory that last longer than others. It will be interesting to see how Maureen responds to different foods you take. That must be so comforting for her.


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