Dementia: A Rapid Response

Image result for a very rapid response picture

I became very concerned when I visited Maureen yesterday morning.  It didn’t worry when she told me she was waiting to tell her Aunty that she had dropped her son at school.   She was clearly delighted that she had solved the heating problems in the school with a friendly chat with the caretaker.  Maureen was time-traveling; talking about something that could have happened over fifty years ago. What concerned me was how she was feeling about being on the Konar Suite.

Maureen told me in a number of ways that she felt she was being treated as if she was stupid.  She said she was absolutely fed up of being told what to do: when to change her clothes, how to dress when to take her tablets etc.  To an extent, this is a familiar tale that is sometimes repeated when she is at home.  However, what concerned me was her feelings that she would have to stay in the hospital forever if she didn’t toe the line.

I thought it was important staff for on Konar to hear her concerns.  Their response was impressive with a Nurse hearing her concerns who then asked the Ward Consultant to pop in for a chat.  This gave Maureen a chance to vent her concerns and although we heard ‘they are getting to know her’ and ‘nobody likes being in hospital’  I’m optimistic they will take her concerns on board.

Maureen contends that she has done nothing wrong and cannot understand why she is being detained.  She accepts that she has problems with recollecting recent events but doesn’t consider she is a danger to the general public.  I’m not sure that she has grasped that the Consultant is going to put his Treatment Plan before us on Friday.  She just wants to go home and get on with her life.  Unfortunately, it is not going to be quite that simple and my understanding is that the process for discharge from Konar to wherever will take some time.


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