Dementia: A Ten From Len and Me!

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I have decided to stay in Coventry a while longer.  I want to see if I can bring about some changes in my mum’s Care Home and my brother’s Nursing Home.

I will pop in to see my mum again this morning.  She was rather sleepy when I called in to see her yesterday.  When she woke she asked me to give her a kiss and told me she loved me.  She also asked me where Maureen was and then she amazed me by asking where Esme was – my youngest daughter.

When I call in this morning we are going dancing.   I know if I call up Glen Miller, Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole on my Lap Top mum’s feet will be tapping.  I hope she is able to close her eyes and remember dancing the slow foxtrot with dad: they would have got a Ten from Len!

After lunch, I’m taking the music theme to my brother.  He gave me lots of beautiful smiles yesterday as he sat alone in the dining room.  I didn’t have my dancing partner with me so we couldn’t show him our attempts to remind him he was one of the best jivers in Coventry.  Once I get the right music on this morning I wouldn’t be at all surprised if one of the carers partners him: Len would hold up a Ten if my brother gets out of his chair.

The news from Konar this morning is exceptional.  Maureen sang along last night when Alfie Boa was on the TV: they get a Ten from Me.  I’ve told them they can’t keep her as I really miss her lovely singing in the morning.

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