Dementia: A Person – Centred Partnership

Image result for A partnership approach to dementia picture

  • After discussions with staff on the Konar Suite yesterday I’m feeling a lot happier.
  • It seems likely that Maureen will lack capacity about her health and welfare needs.
  • Best Interest decisions may well feature in Maureen’s Treatment Plan.
  • There will a partnership approach to the development of her Treatment Plan.
  • We have agreed; I’m the expert on Maureen: they are Specialists in Dementia.
  • Maureen’s reluctance to take her prescribed medication or have an ECG continues.
  • At night Maureen continues to sleep in a chair in the company of staff.
  • She told me she doesn’t like her room and finds the bed uncomfortable.
  • When I offered to sit in her room with her yesterday she declined.

I’ve just spoken to the Konar Suite and once again Maureen slept in a chair in the lounge last night.  The good news is that she has been in her her bed for the last hour.  My sleep isn’t much better.

I’ve been up from the early hours putting furniture in our Sun Room.  It looks great now with vinyl flooring down a few plants delicately placed alongside a table and a couple of chairs.  It will be interesting to see what Maureen makes of it when she is home.  I will post some photographs of my work tomorrow.



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