Dementia: Imagine


  • On Wednesday your Key Worker takes you out for coffee and cake.
  • He leaves you to a strange place where there are lots of other people.
  • At night you sleep on a couch in a large room.
  • In the morning you are surrounded by people you don’t know.
  • On Thursday night you again sleep on a couch.
  • On Friday morning your husband – pops in to see you.
  • He rescues you on Friday evening from a noisy incident in a social area.
  • You wake up alone on a bed around midnight.
  • You make your way to the lounge to sleep on a couch.
  • Your husband returns in the morning for a short visit.
  • Two unknown women arrive and take you to a strange place.
  • You are surrounded by strangers and have no idea where you are.
  • Your husband arrives the next day and can’t explain what is going on.
  • You think you are on a Cruise Ship.
  • He returns in the evening with some sandwiches.
  • On Monday morning a Doctor wants to chat with you but you refuse to talk to him
  • Your husband arrives shortly before noon.
  • You think you are in a Market and have bought some vegetables.
  •  You have lunch with your husband in a small lounge.
  • You ask him to take you home but he is unable to help you.
  • A short while later your husband has gone and you don’t know why.

The above events can only have increased Maureen’s level of confusion.  I would contend that any attempt to assess her within Konar’s 72-hour target would be short-sighted!

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