Dementia: Battling Giants

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I got a distinct feeling that I was ‘Battling Giants’ yesterday – a position that Gladwell explores in his book ‘David & Goliath -Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants’.   In my early dealings with staff at the Konar Suite, I was in despair with haunting memories of a professional belief in ‘chemical imbalance’ from my time as a patient at Harrison House.  Fortunately, late on a Sunday evening the Head of the Unit appeared and eased my troubled mind.

My memories had been sparked by a meeting with two Nurses from the Konar, with one taking notes on a Lap Top.  When I heard that Maureen would be seen by a Consultant in the morning and he might prescribe medication then my concerns intensified.  I wondered how on earth anyone could assess Maureen’s needs when she had been in Konar for such a short period of time?

It wasn’t just the informal gear the Head of Unit was wearing that impressed me; it was her compassion and sincerity.  Along with: ‘if you have any concerns at any time then ask my staff to contact me’.  She assured me that ‘Konar was not in the business of medicating anyone for the sake of it and the priority was to assess Maureen’s needs’.

David knows that Goliath can always use the Mental Capacity Act to assert what is in Maureen’s Best Interest.  However, he is reassured by extracts from Konar’s Misson Statement:

‘What Services do we offer:

Konar provides an evidence-based, high quality, individualised service …….

Our Aim is:

  • To provide person-centered care, addressing the whole persons needs including body, mind, emotion, and spirit.
  • To work with carers where appropriate ensuring they are included in all aspects of care, future needs, and treatment.’

I’m reassured that Maureen is in good hands at Konar: my initial panic has ebbed. As David, I have a Mission Statement and a friend indeed whenever I have concerns!




2 thoughts on “Dementia: Battling Giants

    1. It will be interesting to see what happens if Maureen continues in her current mode: she refused to speak to the Consultant today as she has a Doctor of her own. If she continues in this vein we will see if their actions match their fine words.


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