Dementia: Comin’ In and Out of Your Life

The number of the week has always been one of our special songs:


With Maureen in a Care Home and about to be moved to an Acute Mental Health Unit (Konar Suite) in a couple of hours Barbara Streisand nails my feelings this morning.

When I visited Maureen last night I got a glimpse of life in her Care Home.  One of the carers was trying to deal with an aggressive resident who was lashing out verbally and physically.  Maureen was cowering within the relative safety of a friendlier crowd.  Her fear was palpable with concerns that nobody liked her and she was at risk of assault.  It took me quite some time to entice her to the safety of her room and nurse her to sleep.

This morning two Support Workers from The Home Treatment team will move her into the unknown – the Konar Suite.  I have been advised to leave it to them and visit in the afternoon after Maureen has been admitted.

The new from Alderlea this morning is that Maureen has had a restful night.  She stayed in her room until midnight then moved onto a sofa in one of the lounges.  I’m going to pop down with a new pair of thermal socks shortly – can’t have my dear wife having cold feet as she is transported to Konar!



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