Dementia: Our Pocket Rocket

Image result for Little Miss Pocket Rocket pictureShe won’t be with us today our Pocket Rocket.  I was tempted to call her Little Miss Dynamite until  I heard what a Senior from her Care Agency called her.  She will be back tomorrow and Friday so she will then have been with us for four days this week.

Our PR generally has Maureen in the palm of her hand but yesterday she was sent to Coventry during the early part of her shift.  Maureen ignored her greeting when she walked in the door and appeared to be sulking during the early part of her shift.  When I returned home after my shopping mission all was fine and dandy; with the girls busy as music played in the background.  With five minutes of her shift remaining the PR enticed Maureen upstairs to make sure she was well clad for the rest of the day.  How on earth she managed to get Maureen into sensible gear in that time I will never know – it can take me half an hour!

I haven’t a nickname for today’s Girl Wednesday. She used to be a regular until she changed her shift pattern.   She is another excellent carer who always encouraged me not to pander to Maureen.  I always welcomed such gentle guidance from an old hand.  It will be interesting to hear what she makes of Maureen’s presentation today as she hasn’t seen her for a couple of months.

I clearly need to eat my word this morning after another challenging night.  It was after midnight before Maureen dropped off.   It looks as though she is getting used to Lorazepam – half a tablet no longer has the impact it previously had.  I will get our GP’s advice on upping the dose.  I will also contact our Key Worker to request a couple of Night Sits to see if that can help us through this challenging period.

My Admiral Nurse is expecting my phone call today and this will give me an opportunity to discuss the prospect of Maureen going into the Konar Suite – there are no beds available at the moment.  I’m fully aware that Maureen might need ongoing medication and that could be the outcome of a stay on the KS.  Despite my reservations about medication being the answer, I’m impressed by NAViGO’s attempts to help patients understand bthe:

Image result for konar suite grimsby picture

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