Dementia: Positive News

Some positive news from last week:

  • My reviewer tells me that Dale’s book: ‘The End of Alzheimer’s’ is worth reading.
  • I am allowed to swim breaststroke.
  • Riding my bike is good for my legs.
  • We have taken several siestas and slept well over the weekend.
  • The clearing up exercise after our extension has moved a stage further.
  • My Admiral Nurse returns to work today after a week’s leave.

Sometimes you just need a break and two came my way on Friday.  Firstly, my physiotherapist enlightened me about the benefits of swimming breaststroke, the only stroke I can do, and riding my bike.  I had been under the misapprehension that both were not advisable following hip replacement.  Secondly, my neighbour who is a scientist agreed to review Dale Bresden’s book.  When I spoke to her yesterday she suggested that it might not be too late for Maureen to benefit from his thinking.  I’m sure all of this news is helping me to sleep a little easier in bed at night, as is the thought that my Admiral Nurse will be available this week so that I can chat with her about my reservations about Maureen going into the Konar Suite.

From today I have decided to set some targets at the start of each week:

Personal targets:

  1. To swim breaststroke at the Leisure Centre on two occasions.
  2. To resume attending Buddhist Meditation Classes on Wednesday evenings.
  3. To progress fitting vinyl flooring in our Sun Room.
  4. To read further chapters from: ‘You Are The Placebo’.

Carers targets:

  1. To continue involving Maureen in personal care.
  2. To take Maureen out for a walk twice this week.
  3. To take Maureen clothes shopping.
  4. To involve Maureen in further household tasks.

I will review progress next week so in future, Positive News will be the focus on Monday’s – a  Jungle Book approach to life:


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