Dementia: Tears In Heaven

My brother in law assures me he would have opened our Sun Room on Tuesday with the above number if the acoustic had been right.  However, as the flooring had not been laid the sound check was not to his satisfaction.  He assures me he will be back once the vinyl is laid!

The standing joke in our family is if you mention an artist or a band from the 60’s my brother in law swears he has backed them.  Who am I to contest his distant memory of playing with the Chicanes alongside the Cream at the Swan at Yardley when Clapton was a member?  What is beyond refute is the exceptional support my sister and her husband gave us when they visited on Tuesday.  As the man says: you find out who your friends are when dementia is in the household!

We have had another good night’s rest.  Maureen woke at 4 am worrying that ‘they had all gone’ and she had been left here by herself.  This fear of being deserted is constant and she expects me to leave her: to run off with another woman.  Just to put her mind at rest this morning, I’m going to suggest that she accompanies me to Cleethorpes Leisure Centre.  It would be wonderful if I could persuade her to have a swim but even walking along the Promenade with Girl Saturday would be real progress.  Then if the going is good we might even have a snack at one of the cafes on the seafront!

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