Dementia: Coaching Needed!


Image result for Coach needed PictureA frequent lack of cognition, paranoia, hallucinations, and anger are now constant features of Maureen’s presentation.  Last night was a belter.  The old chestnut of finding the toilet and how to use it reappeared.  This was followed by a diatribe on my misdemeanors and shortcomings.  Then comfort was sought as I slept in the spare room as Maureen believed ‘the girls were gassing her as they didn’t like her’.  A  short while afterward I was forcefully told ‘I was not doing’my job’ as I encouraged her to get her own drink of water.

Maureen’s presentation is seen as par for the course for mixed dementia so a Care Coordinator is not needed.  Yet Trazodone has been prescribed ‘to make my life easier’.  Following my reluctance to administer, a planned admission to an Acute Mental Health Unit – the Konar Suite – was on the cards.   Now that is not seen as the way forward we are left with the Best Interest Meeting on Maureen’s future care and accommodation in four weeks time.

Our Key Worker is visiting this afternoon and I will ask him to clarify who is responsible for coaching me on how to resolve the recurrent ongoing challenges.  A meeting in four weeks time may be helpful to those who are concerned with the Mental Capacity Act but I need mentorship now!

Someone who doesn’t need coaching is a new carer we had yesterday:  she was excellent from the time she took Maureen’s arm when she met us on the street.  Maureen fell asleep shortly after she was nursed home and new Gir Saturday/ Sunday helped me to mop up from the flood that Maureen had caused by leaving the tap on with the plug in a sink.  Just another occasion when I’m wise after the event: plugs and sinks don’t mix when dementia is around!

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