Dementia: The Only Protection Is Dharma

Today’s Buddhist lesson is about protecting the mind:

I need some protection from the night-time routine as it was a problem again last night.  My painful shoulder was a reminder to proceed with caution so I backed off and took to the spare room.  Unfortunately, this did not help as ‘I was ignoring the fact that the children had nowhere to sleep’ and this heightened Maureen’s vitriol.   I managed a short sleep before being woken by someone knocking on the partition wall.   As I tentatively opened the door to the next room Maureen rushed into my arms.

It took me a while to reassure Maureen that she was safe from ‘foreigners who were trying to get her’.  They had been at the concert last night and had cornered her in the bedroom.  It didn’t take me long to grasp the source of her confusion.

I had left Maureen watching YouTube for over an hour in the evening as I searched for my missing house keys.  She seemed perfectly happy singing beautifully to all sorts of numbers: even in German and French as Andre Reui took his Strauss Orchestra around Europe.  That is why foreigners were dominating her thinking and had consequently become her adversaries.

I need to take advice on how to avoid the trials and tribulations of the last two nights.  This journey is so much easier on the body and mind when we sleep well together!

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