Dementia: Listening To Carers

Image result for Supporting Carers North East Lincs Picture

Services in North East Lincolnshire always aim to support carers.  Both Focus Adult Social Care and NAViGO have heeded my plea.

When staff from NAViGO told me on Wednesday that Maureen was going to have a planned admission to the Konar Suite I was over the moon.  I was pleased that I would be out of the firing line for a while and someone else could be on the receiving end of Mrs. Dementia.  However, my thoughts were based on a classic mistake – which my Key Worker is always warning me about – ‘never make a decision when you are exhausted’.  After a good night’s rest, I saw things rather differently.

It has been reassuring that my change of heart has listened to and a bed in the Konar Suite is no longer seen as the way forward: Maureen needs time to let the dust settle after living on a building site for far too long.

 We are fortunate that we live in an area where carers opinions are taken seriously!

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