Dementia: Waiting For A Bed

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Maureen is waiting for a bed on the Konar Suite – a specialist unit for dementia.  Consultants have decided to review her diagnosis and monitor her presentation.  They are hoping a bed might become available before the weekend.

The above news came late afternoon, so when Maureen finally lay on the sofa I took the opportunity of taking rest.  I slept on and off until 10 ‘o’clock, an hour before a night-sitter arrived for her eight-hour shift.  When she rang our doorbell I was pleased to see a familiar face who had helped us out on a previous occasion.

Night sits will become a permanent feature of our Care Plan – I have listened to our Key Worker at last!.  We have decided to start with Wednesday’s and move on from there.

At 4 am I was woken by a deafening scream from downstairs: Maureen was scared to find a stranger in the house.  It took a while to settle things down and reassure her she was in safe hands.

Following an early morning conversation with the Konar Suite, I have agreed to monitor how much food and drink Maureen is having.  She has only sipped her first drink of the day after under-consuming yesterday.

I feel rejuvenated this morning following more sleep than I have had for weeks.  I’m also reassured that a complete appraisal of Maureen’s condition is imminent.  Once again, I’m very grateful for the services that are available in North East Lincolnshire – the Konar Suite is a rare commodity.


2 thoughts on “Dementia: Waiting For A Bed

  1. congratulations about the Konar Suite

    i just read up about them on the internet and i think they will be most beneficial for maureen


    1. When you read today’s Blog you might see things in a different light. Maureen will not be going in there at the moment: she doesn’t need medication; she needs time and lots of TLC.


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