Dementia: I Did It Roy!

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In his Newsletter yesterday Roy Lilley encouraged us all to say thank you to nurses.

There are four nurses who I have already thanked for their support in the last 24 hours:

Firstly, a Practice Nurse at Clee Medical Centre who confirmed I had a viral infection.

Secondly, a Nurse from the Konar Suite who gave me advice during the day on how to manage Maureen’s presentation.

Thirdly, my Admiral Nurse who has been nominated as my first line of contact. on all matters.

Finally, another Nurse and a Support Worker from the Konar Suite who made a home visit in the early hours and have provided ongoing coaching via telephone.

It is reassuring that I have nurses available for support 24/7 to enable me to continue to care for Maureen at home.  Unfortunately, despite lorazepam, it has been another sleepless night and I’m rather tired.

I have been assured that Maureen will be assessed this morning.  She appears to lack any semblance of cognition: struggling to understand basic interactions.  The times when she doesn’t recognise who I am are becoming more frequent.  She is currently chattering to imaginary family members and young children about events that have some resonance.

 I’m extremely concerned and wonder what will be the next steps on this journey?

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