Dementia: More Help Needed

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Our Anniversary Celebrations went well with a day of togetherness.  We didn’t do anything special but I tried to spoil my Bride with lots of TLC.  She loved the evening concert with Andre Reui and despite my best efforts could not understand the consequences of a poor signal from Talk Talk.

Maureen was reluctant to join me for ‘the honeymoon’ and chose to remain downstairs,  The Baby Alarm clicked into action at midnight with incessant sobbing from our lounge.  When I joined her downstairs, Maureen was convinced that they were chopping the heads off her relatives.  She showed me photographs where she believed the heads were missing.  It took me quite some time to console her and persuade her to resume lying on the couch.  Less than two hours later she was awake again.

As I lay on the single bed in our lounge, I was gently awoken by my wife who was anxious to attend to my needs.  Apparently, I was unwell and she was keen to make sure I had everything I needed.  My plea to be allowed to go back to sleep went unheeded and she continued to return to my side after walking around the house.

There are aspects of Maureen’s presentation at the moment that I’m choosing not to share on this Blog.  From my point of view, they are very concerning and I need to discuss such matters with appropriate professional staff.

My plea at the moment is to reinstate support that used to be available in my hour of need.  I have never understood the wisdom of withdrawing Maureen’s Care Coordinator or removing my access to a Support Worker from the Alzheimer’s Society.

This is a time when I need more support not less! 

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