Dementia: Time For Change

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George Rook made a good point in his <BLOG> yesterday:  there need to be some radical changes in how we approach dementia in this country.  There is only one thing I would add to George’s excellent post: DEMENTIA IS NOT A MENTAL HEALTH CONDITION!  

Dementia is concerned with changes in the brain it is not caused by what is going on in the mind.  In my opinion, the sooner we remove dementia from under the umbrella of mental health, with its predominantly medical model the better!

We had a tough day here yesterday with two electricians with us all day.  I breathed a sigh of relief to hear that rewiring is not needed but more work is needed before we are safe and sound.  Maureen found it difficult to understand why power was being switched on and off throughout the day.  Her response varied from; interacting with ‘the men’, to wanting to go back to the peace and quiet of her ‘own home’.  Her performance in the evening was amazing as she sang and danced to an Andre Rieu concert on YouTube for over an hour!


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