Dementia: Give Us Just A Little More Time


I have been pressing for a review of Maureen presentation.  This has resulted in the suggestions that a Best Interest Meeting is the way forward.  I’m not sure that a BIM is needed after how she presented yesterday:

Maureen’s presentation will always be a reaction to her environment and how she is being treated.  If living on a building site for three months hadn’t changed her presentation there would be real cause for concern!  Who doesn’t want to get away from it all when your house has been turned upside-down and you no longer know where anything is?

What really needs to be resolved at the moment is:

  • Clarity over Maureen’s diagnosis: is it predominantly Alzheimer’s or Vascular Dementia?
  • Consensus on where to place Maureen on Teepa Snow’s CEMS Model and the attendant approach to support.
  • Adequate support to me as Maureen’s Care Partner.
  • A reinstatement of the role of a Care Coordinator.

Maureen was a revelation in the company of her family yesterday.  Once our renovations have been completed and there is adequate room for her relatives to stay I am convinced we will see a very different Maureen.

Now here’s a thing: earlier this morning I reminded Maureen that four of her grandchildren had been here on Monday – she had forgotten.  As I’m about to post she has just said ‘it was a nice day yesterday’ going on to explain how much better it was to be out in the fresh air rather than sitting in the house when visitors are here.  Such comments give me hope that neuroplasticity is fact rather than fiction!


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