Dementia: Positive Risk Taking

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After a great deal of thought, and frequently changing my mind, I have decided to go for it this morning: 

When I first heard that two family members and their four children wanted to visit today I was aghast.  My first thought was didn’t they understand?   How could anyone conceive that someone with severe dementia could cope with such a gathering?  So I suggested breaking up the visiting party and leaving some of them in waiting until we saw how it was going.  This morning – I think – I’m going to leave it to their discretion as this will mean I have the time to clear up some important outstanding business

If the visiting party arrive before one ‘o’ clock I will hopefully have time to resolve some critical issues for the forthcoming week.  Some of them involve complex matters about my relationship with certain organisations.  I’m not a believer in doing dirty washing in public – unless I have to – and I’m hoping that a little bit of positive risk-taking today will be good for all concerned.

Maureen’s early morning response to the news that visitors are coming today is ‘I don’t know what they look like’.  Showing her photographs and talking about her grandchildren yesterday has long since faded from her memory.  Her current focus is on trying to solve a support issue and lambasting me with a comment that the black bra (which is, in fact, a belt) belongs to my girlfriend.  It’s getting hot here now as she ups the anti shouting out that ‘it’s hers, not mine and it stinks!’  The bra has now been thrown into the wash basket and Maureen is shouting that ‘fat arse has had all of her underwear’.

A cup of tea and a bit of humble pie is my only hope: at the right time of course!


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