Dementia: Too Much Pressure

Posted at 3.30 am

Today’s music is particularly pertinent:

Our house is now a complete mess: nothing like the order that Maureen has lived in all of her life.  We emptied our dining room so the walls and ceiling could be reskimmed yesterday evening.  The bookcase that Maureen has claimed as her own has been emptied:  some of her most precious belongings are in boxes all over the house.  Little wonder she doesn’t know where she is and wants to run away: she is completely lost in her surroundings.

The dining room now needs to be left to sweat – dry out.  Chaos will reign in our household for the next few days.  This will be intensified on Monday when plumbers will be here to begin kitting out our new shower room.

In two weeks time, the pressure will be off and a semblance of normality will return to our household.  We will then welcome visitors with open arms and be able to offer them somewhere to stay as the Sun Room doubles as a self-contained flatlet!

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