Dementia: You Silly Man!

Image result for You Silly Man Picture

Maureen woke at 2.30 this morning struggling with where to relieve herself.  Despite my extensive explanations, she couldn’t find anywhere that was suitable for her to pass water.  After half an hour I sought some sanity with a call to Single Point of Access, followed by a conversation with a colleague on the Konar Suite.  He reminded me of the film 50 First Dates where the subject started every day without any memories.  Then it suddenly dawned on me what a silly man I had been failing to understand that Maureen was telling me she didn’t know where she was.  The fact that she had been sleeping upstairs in our bedroom for a change would really have thrown her!

Whilst I was on the phone Maureen went back to sleep and woke a short while afterward wanting to reminisce about her childhood.  She told some familiar stories and shared experiences that I had never heard of before.  Her memories of her mum, working at the local Post Office and her dad at the Raliegh was vivid.  I’m hoping to cajole Maureen into making a start on Memory Book in the next few days.  This would have benefits both for Maureen’s memory and those who care for her.  A little more thought might help silly men who are awoken in the middle of the night!

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