Dementia: Take A Breath With Teepa

The other day a relative asked me for some advice the on how to provide support that would be helpful to Maureen during his visits – so I pointed him in the direction of Teepa Snow:

I have had to follow Teepa’s advice many times during the last 24 hours.  I am the only person who has been able to persuade Maureen to take a bath or a shower in the last couple of months.  There was a heavy price to pay for my success yesterday as Maureen struggled to accept that she had chosen to spend the day in her dressing gown without anything underneath.

Early this morning, things were very challenging with Maureen becoming hostile as she tried to resolve a clothing crisis.  She became rather uncomfortable when she put the leg of her pants around her waist and began lashing out at me in frustration.  Help arrived in the form of Night Rovers as things had cooled down.  By the time that the ladies from arrived Maureen had pants. PJ bottoms and a T Shirt on for the first time since her Sunday morning bath.

One of the problems at the moment is that Maureen is finding it difficult to hear or understand what I believe to be straightforward instructions.  Taking deep breaths along with giving simple instructions has to become automatic from now on.

Slightly more than deep breathing might be needed this morning as all windows are being replaced at the front of the house. At the same time, our builders are into the final week of the Sun Room.  It’s another one of those occasions when there is no gain without pain.  Once our window fitter is done, Maureen will no longer be looking through leaded windows which remind her of a prison cell.  The Sun Room will mean that Maureen’s Care Home is fit for purpose at long last!

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