Dementia: Remember Me

This is our song of the week:

In the week that I have mentioned the work of Dr. Dan Nightingale, this song gives me room for optimism.  Maureen had never heard of Christie Hennessy until some time after her diagnosis of dementia.  If she can sing along with Christie, almost word perfect surely I can help her to remember that she did everything she could when her child died almost 60 years ago.

I’m hoping that emptying her bookcase in the dining room will give Maureen purpose this morning.  This will then enable us to strip the remaining wallpaper so the room can be skimmed in a week’s time.  The only wallpaper that will remain in the dining room is the wall that was decorated by Maureen several years ago.

As we labour this morning I will remind her who taught her to decorate: her granddad. She has such beautiful stories to tell of her childhood that such memories might help her to cope with her grief.

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