Dementia: ‘Having A Nice Day’

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Things flared up again yesterday for the second Sunday in succession.  The early part of the day had passed without incident, apart from Maureen having no idea who Girl Sunday was.  On Saturday she had asked the same carer if she was my wife!

Our adventure started in the afternoon when Maureen became concerned about the whereabouts of Granddad.  I suggested that we should go and look for him, as this gave me a welcome opportunity to ease her out of a dressing gown that she had been wearing for 48 hours.  Once she was suitably attired we traced our steps of seven days ago. Although, we didn’t quite make it to a Close where she had made such an impact the week before.

We had a lovely walk, chatting about all sorts of things, for about an hour.  Maureen seemed in a hurry and I hoped that explained her hunched stature as we made our way back home.  Once in the house, Maureen became convinced there were dogs in the rear garden and ran off through the front door.

I trailed her around the streets for some time as she tried to get away from danger.  Once we neared home, I edged her into the car as a safe haven from canine attack. McDonald’s, once again, was a game changer: with a Chocolate McFlurry easing Maureen’s sore mouth and shifting her reality.

When we returned home, Maureen danced and sang to Nat King Cole as I cooked a late evening meal.   She was in great voice and the number of songs she knew was amazing.   Shortly after we had finished eating, Maureen made her way upstairs and eased her tired body into the marital bed.  I joined her a short while later leaving the kitchen looking like a bomb site.  After reclaiming my pillow -she had all three- we both had a good night’s rest.

I’m hoping that things will settle down this week.  We have familiar Girls on duty, apart from the weekend, and Mcdonald’s is only ever a stone throw away!

Just before posting I’ve played an Ace by telling Maureen that her sister will be able to come and stay with us in the newly built Sun Room.  If her brother and his wife follow up I know that we will see a very different Maureen.  She is delighted with the prospect of the family she misses so much being reunited in just a few weeks!

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