Dementia: Farewell Girl Friday

Image result for  Girl Friday Picture

Today is the last working day of Girl Friday* before she goes on Maternity Leave.

Without Girl Friday I doubt Maureen would still be here.

She would have gone into a Care home a long while.


I hope we are able to give you a good send off this morning  Girl Friday.

You know Maureen: your care for her has always been person-centered.

I will always be eternally grateful for your wisdom and loving care for Maureen.

 I will never forget what you have taught me about dementia.


*Girl Friday has also been Girl Tuesday this week.  In the three years she has been caring for Maureen she has worked on every single day of the week.  She will understand that constipation will be playing havoc with Maureen’s presentation at the moment.  If my phone call to Single Point of Access doesn’t result in a prompt response we could both be in for a rough time this morning, which will be nothing compared to what Maureen is currently going through!

Update;  By 7 am we’ve both spoken to a Nurse we have the gear we need and expect movement by noon.

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