Dementia: She’s Landed A Beauty!

Image result for Black Eye  pictureMaureen landed a beauty last night and I expect to have a shiner this morning.  She thought I was trying to force her to sleep with me and lashed out with venom making contact with the area around my left eye.  Anybody who is aware of Maureen’s history will understand her fears about what can go on in the bedroom even when you are married!

It took lorazepam and two visits from the Night Patrol of our Care Agency before Maureen felt safe enough to sleep in her own home.  I’m hoping that a quarter of a tablet will mean that she has a good rest and is still able to enjoy the fresh air she loves today.

It isn’t surprising that Maureen lost her bearings last night after a tiring day with far too many people here.  At one stage we had five workmen here along with three relatives and a carer.  The various comings and going throughout the day would have drained anyone.

If my shiner is as pronounced as I expect it to be will be I will tell Maureen I walked into a door.  There is no way I want to remind her of the dreadful experiences that led to her lashing out last night: they are best forgotten.  What I will refresh her memory of is the lovely time she had with her brother and a beautiful walk we had around the Boating Lake after another visit to McDonald’s.  I might even take her for yet another Raspberry McFlurry today because we did ‘have a nice day’ but oh what a night!

Maureen is very confused this morning: at 8 am I will telephone Clee Medical Centre to request a home visit for a review of her physical health.

4 thoughts on “Dementia: She’s Landed A Beauty!

  1. Gosh! Paul. What a shock! It’s so difficult. This morning rob was upset. I stood up to cuddle him. He told me he had missed me (of course I haven’t been anywhere). Then told me he loved me. Then said I am a great sister in law! Ha ha. But for you it must have been such a shock!! Reminds me of my close call last year when rob went to hit someone he saw on the bed with a walking stick in the middle of the night! It was such a thwack and missed me by a minuscule amount – I felt the breeze on my face as it landed. ‘Got you, you bast…d!’ he shouted. He had apparently seen a man attacking a woman. I think it was his shadow falling over me as I lay in bed and he was standing with the light behind him on his side of the bed (at least I was a woman on that occasion). … wishing you sunshine and an escape from the builders … and a mcflurry! Get anti inflammatory tablet (takes 24 hours to come out so still time) and arnica on the bruise to be too!!


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