Dementia: ‘Happy Talk’

Throughout my contact with members of Our Support Teams yesterday there were three common themes in our exchanges:

  • For Maureen to remain in her own home.
  • To focus on the least restrictive option.
  • That I know my wife best.

When I reflect on the above it doesn’t get much better than that.  The local services are under resourced, with no chance of meeting the needs of their client groups but they always do their level best to be person-centered.  Never once during a busy day did anyone give me the impression that I was a pain for resisting intervention from professionals who knew best.  I continually count my blessing of a decision that we made several years ago to live in North East Lincolnshire!

Maureen was incredible yesterday.  She coped well with the presence of a close relative who she clearly didn’t know during the latter stages of his visit.  Her singing in the evening exceeded anything I have seen in a while.  If there was a local production of South Pacific they would offer her a leading part if she auditioned as well as she performed last night when she sang along to this one:

The joy on her face when she saw that scaffolding was no longer around our house was palpable.  She has slept like a ‘good un’ last night delighted that we were together – a blown kiss away in our lounge.  The fact that she said ‘good night dad’ was reassuring when you consider the respect she has for her father!

Footnote:  Our local Branch of Lloyds Chemist have to take the biscuit – Rich Tea of course – for their support yesterday;

  • The pharmacist for her general support and advice.
  • The manager for offering to help me to sort out Maureen’s digital tracker.
  • A store assistant for helping me to choose Girl Friday’s leaving presents.
  • All the other staff who always support us whenever we pop in for assistance.





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