Dementia: Plan B – ‘May The Force Be With You’

Posted at 6.45 am

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When I spoke to him earlier this morning, my friend* from the Konar Suite suggested I needed a Plan B  when I am struggling to contain Maureen in the middle of the night.  My ‘Working Position’ over the next 24 hours is listed below:

  • I have already texted Maureen’s son, who will be here around 11 am, to ask him to stay overnight.
  • I have also asked Focus Adult Social Care to provide a Night Sitter tonight.
  • I will seek further coaching on how to deal with Maureen when she doesn’t recognise me and feels I’m keeping her a prisoner.
  • I will meditate at various intervals during the day to calm my mind.
  • If Maureen sleeps during the day I will attempt to rest at the same time.

If all goes to plan in the next couple of days the Building Site will become less evident. All scaffolding should come down today.  New windows and doors could be in place by the end of the week.

I know I will get lots of advice this morning and if the weather stays fine for the builders we are in with a Sporting Chance to calm things down.  In the early hours of this morning, I might have been tempted to reach for that bottle of trazodone if  I hadn’t seen what has happened to my dear brother.  I firmly believe if he had been handled more thoughtfully he would have still been with us today rather than a shell of the man he used to be!

Footnote:  Maureen is now fast asleep; tea, TLC and Youtube helped along with me serenading her with love songs.

  • My friend from the Konar Suite looked after me when I was a mental health patient several years ago.  He calls me Mr Suduko as I spent my time trying to solve number puzzles during my time on the Sapphire Suite when our Mental Health Unit was at Grimsby Hospital.  He has likened me to one of the Jedi Knights hence: ‘May The Force Be With You’.

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