Dementia: Now It’s ‘Severe’!

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It came as no surprise to me yesterday when Maureen’s dementia was classified as ‘severe’ in the opinion of the Specialist Doctor from the Home Treatment Team.

 Any follower of this Blog would have already gathered from my daily description of events that decline had been a feature of Maureen’s presentation in the year that followed a diagnosis of moderate to severe dementia.

Once the ‘cat was out the bag’ – so to speak I attempted to assert a Working Position for the next couple of weeks.  As always as I contacted members of our MDT and other supporters of our cause the response was always person-centred:

  • There is a tacit agreement that trazodone will only be administered once we have something to measure its impact against.
  •  There is a general acceptance that using Care Homes is counterproductive at this moment in time.
  • The door is always open to contact members of our MDT when needed.
  • Our general health and welfare will be monitored closely.
  • Those family members who are aware of the new diagnosis recognise the importance of maintaining contact.

When your GP phones you with an appointment less than two hours after the new diagnosis you count your blessings, as I always do, that you live in this area.  My hardest task yesterday was persuading Maureen to accompany me to Clee Medical Centre to see a G P who always treats us both with dignity and respect.   Then it gets even better when Reception Staff agreed to keep an eye on Maureen so I could chat to our G P in private!




2 thoughts on “Dementia: Now It’s ‘Severe’!

    1. Thanks, I’m not totally convinced that it is ‘to be expected’. There are those who suggest that it is possible to retain or even regain cognitive function and that debate will take place here!


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