Dementia: Only Three Hours To Go

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It’s reassuring to know that Girl Tuesday will be here at 10 am.  She is a very experienced carer and has been working with Maureen for over three years. I trust her judgement implicitly.  She is the expert on how best to support Maureen and my approaches to being Maureen’s Care Partner have been fashioned by watching her in action.

Maureen’s early morning concerns were that ‘Granddad was in trouble’.  He was lying on the floor of our dining room bleeding from a head wound.  She was very worried that she didn’t know how to summon help and requested my assistance.  It took about an hour before she stopped roaming around the house banging on doors and windows in an effort to get help.  We now know that from the Lab Report that a UTI is not behind such episodes.

‘My apprenticeship’ with Girl Tuesday will shortly come to an end as Maternity Leave is a couple of weeks away.  In the last three years, she has been with Maureen for at least 6 hours a week: on Friday she is here for a shift of that length.  When she arrives later than predicted this morning; out of breath from running from one call to the next without any travel time, we will have a catch-up chat.  This will help me to determine the best way to support Maureen as her reality continues to fluctuate.

I have jokingly told Girl Tuesday (and Friday this week) that our Sun Room can also be a Nursery when her little one arrives.   We both know that Maureen will really miss her:  she isn’t the only one!

I sincerely hope that this Girl will continue to be part of our lives when she becomes a mother.  ‘The Manager of this Care Home’ is well aware that some of his contemporaries have seen how babies bring such positive benefits to their establishments!

We would not cope without YouTube and Maureen has been in fine voice this morning.  I continue to call up our old favourites . Our Song Bird has a magical effect on Maureen: the transition in her mood is palpable when her talented Granddaughter is on screen.  The words of this number have particular resonance at this moment in time:

I contacted this talented young lady by text last night and she is going to send a personalised video message to Maureen later-on today.  When I saw the impact that a message from the ‘Top Dude’ had on Maureen yesterday I knew we were onto something. ‘T D’ is what my sister calls her only son and his knick name goes nowhere near the positive impact this young man has had on so many lives.  Whenever I mention him to Maureen her face lights up as she remembers what a fantastic time she had showing him around Cleethorpes.

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