Dementia: ‘Living On A Building Site’

After an extremely challenging weekend, I will be seeking immediate help this morning. Maureen is finding it difficult to cope with ‘living on a building site’ and we need to find a way of easing her distress.  I am also feeling unwell and need to consult my  G P about my general well-being.

It is not surprising that Maureen is distressed by her surroundings:

She just wanted to get away yesterday – when exit via the back garden was impossible she took to the road for over an hour:

None of us could predict how Maureen would react to building work taking place and completion is several weeks away.  Maureen wants to see our Key Worker this morning ‘as he promised her that she could go home soon’.  As he is is on holiday for a week I will be contacting the Duty Worker at Focus Adult Social Work to request a home visit.

I will also be seeking a review of the ultimatum I have been given to choose between my Admiral Nurse and Support Worker at The Alzheimer’s Society: this is not the time to require me to reduce my support network!



5 thoughts on “Dementia: ‘Living On A Building Site’

  1. Liking this post seems inappropriate as things seems to be really difficult at the moment. I hope you don’t have to reduce the support you receive. Beggars belief anyone whould suggest it. And living on a building site is stressful enough for anyone without dementia!


  2. Renovations are stressful for anyone – living with dementia or not. I’m wondering what the purpose of this reno is…? Not that it seems it can be stopped now, in mid stream 😦


    1. To improve Maureen’s Care Home as she isn’t going anywhere else! It will give us a Sunderland Room from which we can look out on our beautiful garden come rain or shine. There is also the potential to have a bedroom downstairs where a live in carer could sleep close by. Furthermore, it will be straightforward to add a downstairs shower or wet room. Upset for a while to cover most bases for the future – I hope!

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