Dementia: ‘It’s The Noise Stupid!’

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Almost as soon as the builders started work yesterday Maureen yelled at them to ‘shut up’.  Her verbal retort to their banging and sawing helped me to ‘wise’ up on what was behind yesterday’s anxiety – I immediately thought: ‘it’s the noise stupid!’

It didn’t take long to persuade Maureen to escape from our noisy building site.  Once she was out in the peaceful surroundings, and the genuine warmth of folk around the local Market Square, she was a changed woman so we made hay while the sun shone:

  • We sought out our friendly greengrocer who knows us from Freeman Street Market.  He set the scene by telling Maureen how pleased he was to see her.
  • We then popped into a newly opened travel shop to explore a possible trip to the Isle of Man.  They were dementia friendly and handled Maureen’s questions positively.
  • Our final call was to a Beauty Salon to book a Pamper Day for Maureen next week.  We got to know the owner when her husband was a patient on the Stroke Ward at Grimsby Hospital at the same time as Maureen.  She understood the need for flexibility in the arrangements that were made.

When we returned home, a high spirited Maureen bantered with our builders about using a rubber hammer in future.  She then fell asleep on the sofa and woke as our Key Worker arrived to check on how we were doing.  She woke up in tears and told him: ‘they had broken their promise to allow her to go home’.

Our Key Worker stayed for over an hour as he was about to leave I managed to have a quiet word with to request an assessment of  Maureen’s condition.  I had to emphasise that I was not seeking another pointless Memory Test.  Therefore, he offered to make a referral to Occupational Therapy.  Their assessment should provide the base line for good practice in the future by all and sundry: including her Care Partner!

Our builders have warned me that today is going to be an extremely noisy day so we will be leaving to visit Maureen’s sister in Nottingham very soon.  The only noise Maureen will hear in the next couple of hours will be the purr of the engine from our chauffeur driven Volvo and my chatter as we hold hands on the on the back seat!

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Maureen is so excited about the prospect of seeing her sister today.  I’m ecstatic that we have slept together for the second night running.  I realise it’s dangerous to count your chickens when dementia is around but if I didn’t accentuate the positives Maureen would be after me!

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