Dementia: Seeking Help

Image result for Asking For Help Picture

I have never seen Maureen as frightened as she was yesterday.  It was a while before she told me that ‘she didn’t know me and was frightened about being locked in the house’.   I think there is a distinct possibility that she has become distressed by witnessing our back garden becoming a building site.  Her comments about ‘two heads being better than one and not being consulted on the plans for our Sun Room’ are revealing and justified.

I was warned that embarking on a building project was a risky venture.  Our builders are now in their 5th week of being on site and could well be here for a similar amount of time.   They are dementia friendly and very happy to work with us to minimise Maureen’s distress as well as achieving a positive outcome.

The graphic below accompanies a recent article by Leeanne Chames who stresses the importance of carers reaching out for help.  I began that process yesterday seeking advice from Admiral Nursing and the Alzheimer’s Society on how we might make the best use of our extended home.  I will also seek guidance from our Key Worker this afternoon on how we could go about reviewing my approach to supporting Maureen.

The irony about Maureen’s distress yesterday that she currently remains asleep in the marital bed.  She climbed in beside me shortly after midnight and she has never been the sort of person who would sleep with strangers.  The more I witness changes in Maureen’s behaviour the less I understand what is actually behind her presentation!


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